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Advance Local Update from Randy Siegel

January 17, 2017 Dear Advance Local Colleagues: Thanks to all of you, Advance Local had its best annual financial performance in 2016 since we began launching our new digitally focused companies five years ago. While market-by-market results varied widely and we are not achieving our collective revenue and EBITDA targets, we achieved meaningful progress. This is a major accomplishment and would never have happened without your extensive contributions and resilience. As we know first-hand, nothing comes easy during times of change and disruption. But Advance Local made great strides in 2016, and we have high hopes for this year as well. A special shout-out to the MLive Media Group, which had the strongest business results of any of our local companies. And congratulations to New Jersey Advance Media, which was #1 in total digital ad revenue and excelled in its [...]

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How the Times-Picayune is Rebuilding its Environmental Team in a Critical Time

Mark Schleifstein wasn't at work seven years ago, when an explosion rocked an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. On April 20, 2010, the day of the BP oil spill, the Times-Picayune's environmental reporter was at home on furlough. Schleifstein, whose work won a Pulitzer for Public Service in 1996, got to work anyway covering the massive environmental disaster. By then, a lot had already changed at the Times-Picayune, and a lot more changes were coming, including layoffs, a move downtown and a shift to print delivery three days a week. Schleifstein was paired with reporters from other departments after Hurricane Katrina, at the time of the spill and a few times since. But as newsroom numbers dwindled, there were less people to cover the environment. Until now. Last week, The Times-Picayune announced a revival of its environmental reporting [...]

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NOLA Media Group Launches 300 for 300 to Celebrate New Orleans Tricentennial

On Jan. 1, 2017, The Times-Picayune and embarked on a two-year tricentennial celebration of 300 events that shaped New Orleans, and 300 people who have made it a better place. Read more here

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The Times-Picayune Establishes Louisiana Coastal Reporting Team

The Times-Picayune will create a Louisiana Coastal Reporting Team in early 2017 dedicated to in-depth coverage of the state's ongoing, devastating land loss. Award-winning environment reporter Mark Schleifstein and state news editor Drew Broach will lead the new team, which also will include contributions from veteran outdoors reporter Todd Masson and photographer/videographer Ted Jackson. Schleifstein and Jackson previously collaborated on "Oceans of Trouble: Are the World's Fisheries Doomed?," which won the 1997 Pulitzer Prize for public service, and The Times-Picayune and staffs' 2005 Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of Hurricane Katrina. Additionally, The Times-Picayune will add two full-time environmental journalists who will work exclusively on the Louisiana Coastal Reporting Team.  A national search to identify and retain these two journalists is underway. "There's no more critical issue facing Louisiana than the erosion of our coast," said Mark Lorando, editor of The Times-Picayune and vice-president of [...]

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