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Flint water crisis is only beginning for MLive journalists this year

The Flint water crisis has defined MLive Media Group and its journalistic efforts for the first quarter of 2016. That shouldn't come as a surprise – it's also defined the image of our state, its governor, and all of the agencies and people who didn't do what they should have, or rose above the call of duty in this ongoing crisis. I've been in journalism in Michigan for more than 30 years, and have never seen a story that demanded so many resources, or so much energy and focus to report. Its roots go back years, and it has dominated headlines, politics and community and government efforts for months. But there's much more to MLive's journalistic mission than rising to the challenge of a once-in-a-generation news story. It's what we do every day across Michigan, with enterprise reporting, best-in-class breaking [...]

By | April 19th, 2016|

The inside story of how Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley’s sex scandal broke wide open

Anyone who has doubts about the importance of journalists in 2016 need be acquainted only with the reporting team at, the largest statewide news organization in Alabama. The group's reporters cracked open a scandal involving their governor's alleged infidelity last week and have been covering the unpredictable fallout aggressively ever since. This scandal didn't come to them overnight; they've been hearing rumors of an affair between Gov. Robert Bentley (R) and his top political adviser, Rebekah Caldwell Mason, for months. The story finally broke open on March 22 when a fired top law enforcement official went on the record to's John Archibald about the alleged affair and offered proof. Faced with damning evidence of a taped phone conversation to a woman named Rebekah, Bentley has denied he had an affair, but few in a state accustomed to scandal believe him. Alabama lawmakers, led by Republicans, [...]

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